Auckland Laser Teeth Whitening

If you have been doing some research on Auckland teeth whitening then you may have read about using laser to carry out this procedure. Laser teeth whitening is basically a process that makes use of the blue light to give the required result faster and the light used for this purpose is the LED or halogen.

teeth whitening before afterBefore you can opt for teeth whitening, your dentist will first examine your teeth to see whether they are in good health. In case any filling is required then you will be asked to get that done before carrying out this procedure. After this, he will check the color of your teeth and inform you how much you will have to spend for the procedure and how many sessions it will take

Are you wondering whether it is safe for you to choose this method? Or maybe you should just opt for the regular procedure that your dentist is offering? Do not worry about the safety of the laser method because it is safe and the reason why many people are opting for it is because they want to speed up the process so that the desired result can be obtained in lesser time. A barrier (resin-based) is used to protect the gum and your teeth will be exposed to the blue light for about fifteen minutes or so. There are some procedures (the latest one) that may involve as long as thirty minutes that involved less UV emissions and less heat. Since it is the latest technology, you can get whitened teeth in just one visit. Of course, this again will depend on person to person. . You will most likely have to go for one session only if your teeth are not very discolored. You can contact you dentist to know more on this.